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  • Dr. Vinod Dixit, President welcome the members present.

  • Minutes of last meeting held at Delhi during Endocon 2013 were presented and the same was accepted as it is.

  • Dr. Goenka presented the list of new members who have applied for membership and the same was accepted.

  • Dr. Goenka discussed the status of account. The matter regarding income tax clearance was discussed. Dr. Vinod Dixit promised he will try to solve the matter.

  • It was announced that two centers namely Lakeshore and PVS Memorial have been inspected by Dr. Manu Tandon and Dr. Pankaj Dhawan respectively and have recommended their accreditation. The same was accepted. They will be given plaque and certificate during Endocon at Pune.

  • It was decided to have two more SGEI mid term meeting one at Mumbai by Dr. Vipul and other at Cuttack.

  • Endocon 2014 will be held at Pune and 2015 at Vizag (Dr. Murali). It was suggested that amount payable to SGEI must be obtained.

  • It was decied to offer Vakil Oration to Dr. Shyam Varadarajulu and international membership to Peter Siersema and P Zhou during Pune meeting. It was also decided that travel fellowship of SGEI will be offered to members who are less than 45 years and have been members for atleast 3 years.

  • The matter regarding collaborating with CEMAST for basic and advanced short courses on animal model was discussed and the same was approved. It was decided that there will be faculty from Mumbai and for each course one or two national faculty will be invited. CEMAST will organise travel and local hospitality for national faculty. Faculty and course will be designed by SGEI. Dr. Pankaj Dhawan will co-ordinate this activity. First such course will be done in February 2014.

  • It was also decided that state chapters will be started and any state with request from atleast 20 members can apply for starting a state chapter. There will be a co-ordinator for each chapter and they will be invited for GC meeting. All members of state chapter will have to be members of national body and same eligibility will be followed.

  • Dr. Goenka proposed that senior and experienced members of SGEI should be considered for elevation to fellowship of the society (FSGEI) and to start with about 100 members will be elevated. Names were discussed and approved. Dr. Goenka will write to them and issue certificate after their acceptance.

  • A college called “Indian college of digestive endoscopy (ICDE)” was proposed with an aim to develop curriculum for GI Endoscopy training and to carry on training programme. The college will have all fellows as their faculty. Each year on application, 10 more fellows can be added on recommendation of a subcommittee which will be constituted.

  • Dr. Goenka suggested that Dr. S A Zargar be promoted as Editor Emeritus and a new editorial board to be constituted. Dr. R Kochhar was selected as Consultant Editor and Dr. Goenka as Editor-in-Chief. They were requested to constitute a new editorial board.

  • The concept of academic fellowship as proposed by Dr. V. Mohan Prasad was discussed for collaboration with medical university. It was decided to interact with universities and to report back during next meeting.

  • 14.Issue of continuous legal support was discussed but discarded due to cost involved.

  • 15.Meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. V.K. Dixit.

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