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  • Welcome by President, SGEI
    President Dr Pankaj Dhawan Welcomed the members.

  • Presentation of minutes of last Governing Council meeting
    Minutes presented and approved

  • Presentation of accounts for FY 2014-15
    Account presented by Dr MK Goenka, accepted

  • Endocon 2015 held at Pune
    Details were given with 10 international faculty, >900 delegates and 64 procedures shown There was dual transmission for the first time in Endocon

  • New Membership for GC clearance
    All members were accepted

  • Declaration of results and formation of next GC-choosing Treasurer and co-opted members
    President Elect: Dr MK Goenka, Vice President: Dr GN Ramesh, Secretary: Dr Vipulroy Rathod, Jt. Secretary: Dr P Muralikrishna, Governing Council (2015-17): Dr SS Rana, Dr Mathew Philips, Dr S Das.

  • Accreditation of centers
    Four center were accredited after proper process namely (1) Kanpur Medical Center Pvt. Ltd., (2) SDMH Hospital, Jaipur (3) Apollo Hospitals, Chennai (4) Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata

  • State chapters: WB, Rajasthan, Bihar
    Activities discussed

  • New International members- Dr A Kalloo and Dr Prasad Iyer
    Both members were confirmed

  • Fellowship programme at SDMH Hospital, Jaipur- Discussion
    Details were discussed. Since all conditions were fulfilled the proposal was accepted. It was decided to ensure Rs: 50000 as minimum enoluments per month to these candidates.

  • HG Desai Oration- Proposal
    An amount of Rs: 10 lakhs will be deposited by the family and an oration will be started from next Endocon. While this oration will be open to members of any age, Boston Scientific oration will be now limited to those below 50yrs.

  • Journal issue-fund and other issues
    Dr Goenka informed regularization of issues

  • Further SGEI academic programme- 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
    2016 will be at Mumbai, 2017 at Hyderabad, 2018 at Varanasi, 2019 at Kolkata. Proposal for 2020 from Delhi(Dr Ajay Kumar) was discussed.It was decided that the programme for Endocon should be decided by central Secretariat under Indian College of Digestive Endoscopy with Dr DN Reddy, Dr R Kochhar, Dr MK Goenka, Present Secretary and President. The same will be done for SGEI component ISGCON programme.

  • Travel Fellowship and Korean Fellowship
    Travel Fellowship for 2015 DDW was awarded to Dr Vishal Sharma from PGI Chandigarh. It was decided to recommend AYEA (Korea) fellowship through a selection committee consisting of Secretary, President, President Elect, Jt. Secretary and Immediate Past President.

  • Any other matter with permission of Chairman
    A mobile app presentation was done by a company from Mumbai. Matter will be persued by Dr Pankaj Dhawan and appropriate decision will be taken. Chairman thanked everybody for their co-operation.

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